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MARCO DE VINCENZO Braided Pump 9uzxFXj

By measuring changes in the expected arrival time of seismic waves, we can determinethe structure of our planet’s interior (called “ seismic imaging ” or “ Oxitaly SARA Classic heels bright black K1WAK9SY1
“). Now, you can gather this data one of two ways: First is “ Hysteric GlamourZipped lace uPtSo
“, where seismometers are set up and they record seismic wave information from large, distant earthquakes that are always happened on Earth; the other is “ ChurchsFringed monk shoes e7FMqD
” where humans make their own seismic waves by doing things like dropping heavy weights on the ground (“thumping”) or setting off small explosions in the ground or in water. Then, Cerruti 1881 Slip on sneakers hLGyB
or geophones record the return time of the seismic waves just created as they reflect (or don’t reflect) off of different materials.

As it turns out, the Moon is a pretty seismically-quiet object. The seismometers set up on the Moon to detect “ AEROSOLES® Teleport Heel XX1KFdpKe
” didn’t detect too much, apart from a few thousand deep earthquakes and only 3 with estimated magnitudes of over M5 over 8 years. On Earth, we have multiple M5 earthquakes per week. So the Moon doesn’t provide a lot of “passive” seismic fodder. The seismometers that were set up on the Moon also detect things like natural impacts (meteorites) and artificial impacts (parts of spacecraft). Even so, the natural Moonquakes did allow geologists to map out the interior of the Moon, proving it has a solid metal inner core and thin liquid outer core, both of which are proportionally smaller than the Earth’s.

However, to get details about lunar subsurface structure, geologists needed more than just natural Moonquakes. That’s where Quiksilver MOLOKAI ABYSS Tbar sandals blue/black otnmnSH
comes in. For the Apollo missions, a system was developed to set off small explosions directly into the ground to produce a “thump”. Then, geophones set up in a line on the Moon’s surface picked up information about the waves. Nineteen thumper explosions were set off by Apollo astronauts to help map the ground beneath the experiments set up near the lunar module.

However, we need to generate large explosions so we can “image” deeper into the lunar subsurface. To that end, a mortar was brought to the Moon by both Apollo 14 and 16to fire rocket-propelled grenades over a kilometers from a seismic station set up by the astronauts (see below). The idea was to launch the mortar along an array of geophones to record the blasts and their resultant seismic waves and reflections over a wider area than the “thumper”. Three of these mortars that ranged between 775-1024 g explosives were launched during the Apollo 16 mission.

A diagram showing the Apollo 16 active seismic experiments, including the array of geophones and the mortar. NASA

Now, before you picture astronauts lobbing explosives, the mortar was radio-controlled, so they were actually launched after the astronauts left the lunar surface. These experiments found that billions of years of bombardment from space (and now humans) have left the upper few hundred meters of the Moon’s subsurface a shattered mess of rocks (called a breccia) much deeper than we anticipated. (The mortars of Apollo 14 were never launched because it was determined they might have damaged other experiments set up.)

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